Bookmark this perspective on the future of the book

See on - Books On Books Travis Albers interviewed by Melville House's Claire Kelly on social reading. Alongside Bob Stein (Institute for the Future of the Book), the founders of ReadMill and a handful of other "future-designers," Albers and "ReadSocial" partner Aaron Miller have put a convincing case forward for how social reading touches... Continue Reading →

Ebooks: do we really want our literature to last for ever?

See on - Books On Books A book published earlier this year by an Argentine firm raises questions about the desirability of indelible ink and trackable data, writes James Bridle... The title of Bridle's item in "The Guardian" -- or "The Groaniad" as it is fondly known for its ponchant [sic] for typos --... Continue Reading →

A bookmark for the end of the book? | Colophons & copyrights: Delight in the details « Felt & Wire

See on On her blog "Felt & Wire," Alyson Kuhn shares her foray into the origins of the word "colophon." In ancient Greece, Ionia to be precise, the city Colophon stood on a summit.   The colophon,  the final page stating the title of the work, who made it, when it was made, how it... Continue Reading →

A bookmark for the librarians: Pew’s 10 lessons in e-reading and 1 more from BOB

 Pew Internet's latest report on e-reading offers librarians ten valuable lessons on how they can increase the usage and demonstrate the value of their collections. The 11th corollary -- there are "herds" of ebook readers out there whose watering holes are here: Readmill Kobo Vox Copia Subtext ReadCloud (an Australian site aimed at schools). These are... Continue Reading →

Ebook Timeline — A continuing post, updated 2014 February 16

With static infographics gaining ever more popularity, this was inevitable: Anyone up for grafting on some branches to cover Queen Anne's Statute (1710), the German forerunner of the mass-market paperback (1867),  the introduction of the English modern paperback (1935), the introduction of standards (ISBN, EPUB), the start of the Google Print/Book Project (2004/2005), the month and year ebook sales... Continue Reading →

The Future of the Past: Bookmarking a forthcoming title

Tom Abba and Baldur Bjarnason are writing a book -- about "books, electronic textuality and materiality and is a manifesto of sorts." Some of it slips out intentionally in Abba's blog.  He comments on Touchpress's app of Eliot's "The Wasteland," Flipboard's setting of design trends and Visual Editions' app version of Marc Saporta's "Composition No.... Continue Reading →

Expanded Artists’ Books: Envisioning the Future of the Book

Here's a twist, or is it? The Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College Chicago issued a call for proposals yesterday (19 July) for projects that "provide concept(s) of how the digital work may be transformed into a physical book object – ...." The premise behind the "award of two $10,000 commissions for new... Continue Reading →

Bookmark – Who Owns the “Findability” Function?

Whose job is it to do this? The "findability" function goes beyond the usual social media marketing of a book or ebook that most publishers have assigned to Marketing.  It goes beyond the usual search engine optimization (SEO), although it is arguably a part of it. It goes to discovering and notifying as many of... Continue Reading →

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