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Can Print and E-Books Coexist? Ceci n’est pas un signet!

“So a video journalist goes into a bookstore …”  and finds little to report.  Beset by the BBC’s wallowing in non-events and the trivial, I am probably flailing out unfairly at the PBS’s “dog bites man” story or perhaps indigesting … Continue reading

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(A general indifference?) Towards the Digital Divide

How might we explain the ascent, pervasiveness and popular appeal of digital art? From – September 9, 12:18 PM A few months ago, Greg Smith, a  Toronto-based artist, reviewed Claire Bishop’s “Digital Divide” (Art Forum, September 2012).  The review and Bishop’s article … Continue reading

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A bookmark for colophons

Mooney, Linne, Simon Horobin, and Estelle Stubbs. Late Medieval English Scribes <http://www.medievalscribes .com>, ISBN 978-0-9557876-6-9, [25 December 2012]. Here is a useful tool for using colophons to identify scribes by the style of their “hands”.

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What is “Manuscripts Online”?

Elsewhere I have commented on this JISC-funded project rising like a medieval cathedral from busy hands at the universities of Sheffield, Leicester, Birmingham, Glasgow, York and Queen’s (Belfast) will warm the enlightened taxpayer’s cockles.  It is now coming to a summary … Continue reading

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