Bookmarking Book Art — Andrew Eason

Based in Bristol, Andrew Eason creates and teaches book art.   One of his more interesting bookworks is Clock Watching, but he is more than a book artist watching the clock or posterity.  Consider these concluding paragraphs to "The Critical Commonwealth," his essay contributed to the 2010-11 Book Artists' Yearbook. If we are to say... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art — Emma Taylor, updated 20140205

The fate of the book is becoming more and more critical as digital replacements ingrain themselves deeper into our society.  To me the possibility of the end of the book is a tragic one; I appreciate books as an object as much as I enjoy the stories and knowledge which they hold.  I predominantly work... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art — Math Monahan

Math Monahan's installation Specimen could hardly be more appropriate for the attention of Books on Books. [ The book is an organism.  It lived, spread all over the world and, some would consider, is endangered today.  These creatures have a life of their own.  They manifest themselves in many forms but where did they come... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art — Doug Beube

Doug Beube's works exude the influence of his studies with Keith A. Smith and Gary Frost, craftsmen and scholars whose work has been referenced here.  Eleven years ago, in an interview with Judith Hoffberg in Umbrella, Vol 25, No 3-4 (2002), Beube speaks of experiencing the whole book as an entity in itself, which can't be done... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art — Alexander Korzer-Robinson

Korzer-Robinson, from Berlin and now working in Bristol, UK, aims to illustrate the process by which we create our past from "fragments of reality in a process that combines the willful aspects of remembering and forgetting with the coincidental and unconscious," in his own words. By using pre-existing media as a starting point, certain boundaries... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art — “Out of Print: Altered Books”, A Virtual Exhibition

In November 2012, the Bakersfield Museum of Art exhibited "Out of Print: Altered Books", the book as a sculptural object. Ten contemporary artists, some of whose works have been bookmarked here, participated:   Doug Beube, Alex Queral, Jacqueline Rush Lee, Mike Stilkey, Jim Rosenau, Guy Laramee, Cara Barer, Robert The, Brian Dettmer and Mary Ellen... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art — A to Z in Bas Relief

      The Japanese artists and partners Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka are known as NERHOL.  Interviewed by Rebecca Fulleylove in the online magazine It's Nice That, they explain the name: We met at one of Iida's exhibition and realised we had so much in common in regards to experience, design and taste. Gradually, we... Continue Reading →

Bookmark — The ABC of Bookmarking

The British Library's "Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts" blog is a reliable source of visual delight and provocation to think about the interplay of the print and digital worlds.  It also prompts the application of Ezra Pound's critical technique of juxtaposing works, demonstrated so well in his The ABC of Reading. Earlier this year, Ann Tomalak, Conservator,... Continue Reading →

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