Books On Books aims to bookmark the evolution of the book — from the centuries-long movement of orality into literacy to tomorrow’s ongoing development of the codex offline and online.

Its bookmarks range from the bibliographic to the paleo-weblographic, from incunabula to the e-incunabulum, from papyrus scrolls to scrolling screens and from the book arts to book art.

Art, artifact, concept — wrought by hand and mind, hands and minds — the book is our tool and toy for surviving beyond our DNA.

Learn more about your curator here.  Learn most about him at Books On Books.

And more bookmarks here.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Carlo Grassini 2014/01/01 / 18:13

    The presence of a book in a room is of the utmost importance. It invites one to read. The electronic device laying about is not inviting, rather it screams privacy: Please! DO NOT TOUCH I belong to my master.
    I was given a Christmas present of a hard bound copy of “SHAKEDOWN exposing the real Jesse Jackson” by Kenneth R. Timmerman. Even when not open this book SHOUTS! pick me up and continue reading, I am a very important read. Not just to me by for all.


    • BooksOnBooks 2014/01/01 / 19:34

      Thanks for stopping by and reacting, Carlo. I have encased my iPad in a Twelvesouth cover that appears to be a leatherbound book, and it sits invitingly among the hardcovers and paperbacks. If you have the chance, take a look at The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore – preferably with a child in your lap. The intertwining of our digital and paper worlds makes for fascinating tensions, differences and resolutions.


  2. Carlo Grassini 2014/01/02 / 22:27

    Thank you for the recommendation, I will certainly get around to seeing it. Since coming to WP, as with most bIog sites, I came upon BooksOnBooks by chance and have been enjoying it ever since. Warm regards for a Happy New Year and more.


  3. St Brigid Press 2015/05/16 / 16:27

    Very much enjoying your posts on books and book art! Thank you for following St Brigid Press, as well. I am currently moving my website to a different host, and am endeavoring to transfer followers to the new newsletter format. If you like, please go to the St Brigid Press website and sign up for the newsletter (at the bottom/footer of each web page).
    Thanks very much, and all best to you.


  4. Chris T. Adamson 2015/11/23 / 02:03

    Robert….wow, what a great site with excellent and insightful content (just read the article on Aldus Manutius), Also, excellent photographs. I will adding this site to my links. Thanks for your outstanding work here! Chris


  5. Francesca 2018/10/07 / 15:48

    Dear Mr Bolick, thank you so much for appreciating and sharing my text, ‘Poetry, Image, Imagination’ about Gilberto Rolla’s Casket Books and book art. I feel very humbled. Especially as your website is such a wonderful shrine of precious gems. Thank you so much!


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