Bookmarking Book Art — Carl Pappenheim

Well-reviewed (see below), Spineless Classics — Carl Pappenheim’s prints that use all the words of a book to outline an emblematic image of the work — raise questions unasked by the interviewers:  If we stand before a Spineless Classic and read it, does the experience of reading the book change?  How?  What is the difference between art and decor?  Between art and craft?  Between artwork and mechanical reproduction?  


Spineless Classics Turns Whole Books Into Graphic Art 2011

Spineless Classics 2011

Interview With Carl Pappenheim, Bringing Novels To Your Walls At Spineless Classics 2011

How to get your favourite book on your wall; 5 questions for Carl Pappenheim of Spineless Classics 2012

A Book on One Page … 2012

Carl Pappenheim: The Artist Using The Whole Texts Of Novels To Create Beautiful Silhouettes  2013

The Art of Writing; or Writing as Art 2013

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