Bookmarking Book Art – Updating the Mystery Book Artist of Edinburgh

Still anonymous and still a mystery, the MBAE has given BBC Scotland an interview by email.

Below are past links on the Mystery Book Artist of Edinburgh, including links to ten videos on the MBAE’s first ten gifts to Edinburgh.  For those wishing for more than digital proximity to the MBAE’s work, GiftEd is the name of the book published last in 2014 about the ten gifts.

And here are the YouTube videos showing the first ten sculptures “GIFTed” to Edinburgh:  Opening the first package  Sculpture 1: Poetree Sculpture 2: Coffin and Gramophone  Sculpture 3: Cinema  Sculpture 4: Dragon’s Nest  Sculpture 5: Tea, Cake and a Book  Sculpture 6:  Lost in a Good Book …  Sculpture 7:  Magnifying Glass  Sculpture 8:  Cap and Gloves  Sculpture 9:  Dinosaur  Sculpture 10: Street Scene


Your thoughts?

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