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A Little Book of Birds (2017)

A Little Book of Birds (2017)
Book of 48 pages (uncut), 9 engravings by Gaylord Schanilec and a wood engraving by Thomas Bewick, all printed from the original blocks.
Signed by Schanilec, with a poem by him hand-set in Bodoni metal type.
Hand-sewn to O’Malley Crackling doublures, pasted to Degener Black from Cave Papers.
H213 x W146 mm
Edition of 100. Acquired from the artist, 7 September 2019.

”As it turned out my mid-life vessel the “Hungry Mind”(Lac Des Pleurs, 2015) didn’t get me to the other side, and A Little Book of Birds led to yet more water. The idea of birds captive within unopened pages was originally intended as a challenge for book collectors—to open the unopened pages—or not. As years passed the birds slowly emerged and their captivity began to mean something else. I thought this book might free the birds. It did not. —GS” from slip insert.

Further Reading

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