Books On Books Collection – Sara Langworthy

Wandering Stars (2019)

Wandering Stars (2019)
Sara Langworthy
Hand-sewn booklet of twenty pages. Multi-layered collagraph prints. Hand-set Univers text. Cover paper Kyoseishi.
Pages: H(varying to a maximum of)177 x W105. Cover: H181 x W 113 mm
Edition of 33 numbered and signed, of which this is #3.

Title page and center.

Note the varying height of the pages. According to the artist, the “pages are an assortment of hand-made and machine-made Japanese papers. Possible papers are Okawara, Sekishu, Kaji, Mulberry, and possibly Akatosashi (this last one is sort of orange-colored)….The little white dots in the color fields were made by combining various pressure print templates with the layered collagraph blocks.” Correspondence with the artist, 9 September 2019.

Without Question (2001)

Without Question (2001)
Sara Langworthy
The book is housed in a 3-flap portfolio. Photopolymer, sumi ink wash, accordion binding. The paper is Domestic Etch that has undergone repeated printing, rubbing, sumi ink baths, scratching and washing.
Edition of 75 numbered and signed, of which this is number #57.
Acquired from the artist, 5 February 2019.

Opening the work.

View opening from left to right.

View of the reverse.

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