Books On Books Collection – Leilei Guo

The Way (2008)

The Way (2008)
Leilei Guo
Concertina of 88 pages. Woodcut and silkscreen on rice paper. Bound in cloth, front board in white, back board in black.
346 x 324 mm
Acquired from the artist, 2 February 2019.

Almost a decade after a first viewing at the Frankfurt Book Fair, The Way became part of the Books On Books Collection. One thing such an experience teaches is carpe diem. It has taken all those years to have the chance to learn that the book opens from left to right, that the “red figure” in the woodcut is the standard grid on which Chinese letters are brushed, that the grid and the character remain constant under the wash that darkens as the pages turn, and that the embossed character on the front and back covers is reversed on the back cover.

The other lesson, perhaps the reverse, is patience and persistence.

But, with every viewing or reading — and its calming pleasure — The Way has its own lesson to teach.

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