Bookmarking Book Art — Mandy Gunn

Wang 1
TEXT-ile The Unconcise Oxford Dictionary 2011                     © Mandy Gunn

Made of book pages, shredded and woven, cut and collaged,  the bookwork pictured is part of “an ongoing investigation between TEXT and TEXTILES.”    Gunn comments, “Text is usually explicit and obvious; textiles are understood in a more cultural, unstated way. By making Text into a Textile where only minute pieces of text render any meaning unmeaningful the boundaries between the two become blurred and the viewer has to look at the work differently.” (; accessed 12 May 2013).

Advancing in its investigation, Gunn’s work seems to be moving backwards in biographical time — the Oxford Dictionary   (hailing from her UK roots) to the Melbourne Yellow Pages (from her chosen new roots in Australia).

A work from 2010 called “Scroll” was made of hand shredded and woven Melbourne Yellow Pages.   The scroll is 10 metres in length and 60 cm wide draped over horizontal Perspex rods hung from the ceiling and cascades like a waterfall coming to rest on the floor.  The now meaningless text mingles with the colored inks of the ads and paper in a pixellated effect, blending the allusion to the pixellation of the computer screen with that to medium preceding the codex.



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