Books On Books Collection – Cathryn Miller

Westron Wynde (2016)

Westron Wynde (2016)
Cathryn Miller
Double-sided accordion with swing panel structure, 4 double-page openings, based on Hedi Kyle’s panel or panorama fold. In wrapper with slip and slot closure. Initialed and numbered by the artist. Edition of 6, of which this is #3.

Cathryn Miller, colophon: “Part of an ongoing series of works based on exploration of colour-graphemic synesthesia. This book presents the poem ‘Westron Wynde‘ in a purely visual form. Letters become colours, and are used as graphic elements. The book manifests the essence, if not the sense, of the poem.”

Westron wynde when wyll thou blow,
The smalle rayne down can rayne – 
Cryst, yf my love wer in my armys
And I yn my bed agayne!

L is for Lettering (2011)

L is for Lettering (2011)
Cathryn Miller
Hand bound codex of 56 unnumbered pages. Laser printed on acid free recycled paper, hemp paper covers. The book was hand drawn, then scanned and resized in Photoshop. Text is Caflisch Script Pro. Hand annotated in red pencil. Edition of 26, of which this is #3.
H160 x W158 mm

An alphabet book based on the artist’s personal struggle to become a practicing artist. Cathryn Miller: “The trials and tribulations of the art education process as recalled from a satisfactory distance after the author learns that everything is useful after all.”

Further Reading

Miller, Cathryn. “Almost There”, Byopia Press, 23 February 2020. Accessed 26 February 2020. The artist comments on L is for Lettering.

Miller, Cathryn. 22 February 2021. “Square Dance“. Video of talk and presentation for Sakatchewan Craft Council on the occasion of her solo exhibition at the SCC Gallery in Saskatoon, SK, from January 16 – March 06 2021.

Miller, Cathryn. 7 August 2022. Comments re Lyn Davies’ A is for Ox: “unable to resist this book when I saw it so it is part of my collection of books on letters and lettering. The use of a coloured initial letter on each page of my ‘L is for Lettering’ is a direct nod to the design of this book.” “Lyn Davies“. 7 August 2022. Books On Books Collection.

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