Books On Books Collection – Francisca Prieto

The Antibook (2002)

The Antibook (2002)
Francisca Prieto
Book: 205 x 105 mm Icosahedron: 15 x 17 x 19 cm

The Antibook deliberately opposes convention by challenging our ideas of what a book should be. Using the text of Nicanor Parra’s AntiPoems Francisca visualises the poem’s idea of ‘Anti’, creating a work that reacts both with and against its deconstructed material.

Francisca uses modular origami to extend the dimensions of the flat page and change the lines of its folds, producing a book that only makes sense when assembled as a three-dimensional icosahedron. When in a conventional format, bound with one spine, Francisca’s pages cannot be read. Creating a visual defiance from a material usually confined,

Francisca forges new meanings for the resistant ‘Anti’ – and for the book as an object itself.

Artist’s description. Accessed 20 September 2019.

To hold and turn The Antibook in your hands to read Parra’s poems makes the book of poems strangely more palpable than the conventionally bound version. The work as a whole has its maximum effect when the reader/viewer engages with both the icosahedron and bound book, weighing the experience of each against the other.

Francisca Prieto (2018)

Hill, Sophie. Francisca Prieto (Santiago, Chile: Fundación Lustro, 2018).
Hardback – slipcased, 300 pages, 250+ Ills
Bilingual: English and Spanish
Limited edition of 2200 230 x 280 x 35 mm

Having seen Composition No. 1, I can attest to the precision of its folds. Like The Antibook and all of Prieto’s works I have seen, it is nearly impossible to resist touching it. By using this old cricket club record book and placing it on a diagonal like a falling wicket stump, the artist adds paper-dry humour to a beautiful work of book art.

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