Books On Books Collection – Russell Maret

Hungry Dutch
A Typographic Adventure

Hungry Dutch: A Typographic Adventure (2016-2020 )
Russell Maret
Acquired from the artist, 22 August 2019 – 17 March 2020

Above is the front cover of the Hungry Dutch prospectus (2016). Below, the contents of the prospectus and front cover of the final 2020 version. The contents describe the history of the design and the start of its manufacture by the Type Archive of London according to Monotype Corporation’s in-house procedures.

The final prospectus (2020)

Shown below in order of height are samples provided to sponsors as the design of the typeface progressed.

50 copies printed by Russell Maret from his Hungry Dutch typeface with an initial by Joachim Romann.

Sponsors of the typeface were offered the choice of a letter. Books On Books selected the ampersand, and the last delivery from the artist included the matrix, the sort and pattern of the ampersand.

Every Letterform Drawn by Russell Maret for Character Traits (2019)

Character Traits is an artist’s book produced by Maret, with binding design by Amy Borezo. Details under Further Reading.

Further Reading

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Maret, Russell. “Hiccups, Trip-ups and Total Disasters: Thoughts on Making Books”, talk at the Library of Congress, 5 March 2019. Accessed 16 September 2019.

Miller, Steve. “Interview with Russell Maret”, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alabama, 28 March 2011. Accessed 12 September 2019.

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