Books On Books Collection – Shona Grant

Venation (2018)

Venation (2018)
Shona Grant
Hard backed artists’ book containing a 6 page hand bound book and 5 photographic print scrolls. Hard back covered in Nepalese handmade batik rustic paper with buckram cloth hinges; H160 x W195 x D50mm; Bhutanese hand made paper and lokta fibre sheet mix endpapers; hand bound book containing 8 pressed holly leaves on jaconette calico pages; lokta fibre sheet covers; 5 hand made cylinders consisting of layers of batik rustic paper (to contain scrolls); photographic prints on Hahnemuhle rice paper 100gsm using dye based inks.
Unique, acquired from the artist 8 May 2018. Photo: Books On Books

The above two photos of the work: Books On Books

Venation interior
Photo: Shona Grant

Photo of the work: Books On Books

Venation invites an end-of-autumn expectation that turns into an experience of veneration. The endpapers move aside like a veil, the book opens to reveal eight relic-like holly leaves and closes to reveal what could be five tall bark-clad votive candleholders containing scrolls. Unrolled and smoothed, the scrolls present photos marking further stages of the leaves’ dessication. The visual and tactile richness of the work delivers a sense of opening a treasure, relishing a keepsake.

Tree Line (2018)

Tree Line (2018)
Shona Grant
Hard backed flag book of a single image 6 flags wide and 4 flags deep. Images printed on Ice Duo Matte 320gsm. Concertina image printed on Hahnemuhle Rice Paper 100gsm. Covers hand painted jaconette with Payne’s Grey acrylic with hand painted torn line in black acrylic.
Closed: H210 x W108 x D15 mm; Open: W450 mm.
Acquired from the artist 28 June 2018. Photos: Shona Grant.

The above three photos of the work: Books On Books.

The photograph selected from Grant’s Land Lines project for the commissioned artist’s book is strangely textured — as if drawn with charcoal and gesso. With the cover’s treatment in particular, Grant has deepened the texture, and using the flag book structure, she has developed the texture even further. Every aspect of Tree Line draws the viewer into a visual experience that is tangible.

Further Reading

Shona Grant Featured Photographer”, On Landscape: The online magazine for landscape photographers”, 10 June 2018. Accessed 18 October 2019.

Shona Grant: ‘Land Lines’”, Society of Scottish Artists, 10 April 2018. Accessed 18 October 2019.

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