Books On Books Collection – Marie Angel

An Animated Alphabet (1996)

An Animated Alphabet (1996)
Marie Angel
Paperback, perfect bound. H140 x W160 mm, 64 pages. Acquired from Redux Books, 28 April 2021.
Photos: Books On Books Collection.

In the 1960s, Philip Hofer of Harvard’s Houghton Library commissioned the British illustrator to create a series of bestiaries. A black and white edition of An Animated Alphabet appeared in 1967. The publisher David Godine issued this full color edition in 1996. In the interim, other abecedaries also appeared, including the colorful Angel’s Alphabet in 1986 and An Alphabet of Flowers in 1987.

From An Animated Alphabet

An Alphabet of Garden Flowers
Casebound with decorated endpapers. H205 x W140 mm, 66 pages.
Angel’s Alphabet
Casebound with decorated endpapers. H140 x W 160 mm, 60 pages.
Acquired 9 June 2021. Photos: Books On Books Collection

Even with different audiences, Angel’s style and eye for choice show through from A to Z.

Further Reading

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