Books On Books Collection – Abecedaries I (in progress)

Islam Aly, 28 Letters

Marion Bataille, ABC3D

Tia Blassingame, Mourning/Warning: An Abecedarian

Nerma Prnjavorac Cridge, Sarajevska Abeceda

Joyce Cutler-Shaw, Alphabet of Bones

François Da Ros, Anakatabase

Raffaella della Olga, LINE UP

Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich, Bembo’s Zoo

Jennifer Farrell, The Well-Travelled Ampersand

John Gerard, Alpha Beta

Helen Hiebert, Alpha, Beta …

Susan Hiller, The Artist’s Palette Alphabet

Ines von Ketelhodt, Alpha Beta

Ron King, alphabeta concertina miniscule

Moussa Kone: The Abecedarium of the Artist’s Death: 26 Dangers for Your Career

Helen Malone, Alphabetic Codes

Russell Maret, Hungry Dutch

Scott McCarney, Alphabook 3

Cathryn Miller, L is for Lettering

Suzanne Moore, A Blind Alphabet

Jeffrey Morin, Sacred Space

Andrew Morrison, Ampersands&

Movable Books Society, A to Z: Marvels in Paper Engineering

Ludwig Zeller, Alphacollage

Further Reading

Tien-Min Liao, Handmade Type

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