Bookmarking Book Art — Nicholas Jones

img_5967The artist and his bookworks, Nicholas Jones from Melbourne, Australia.

Extract from “The World of the Book” by Des Cowley & Clare Williamson, pp 218

The beauty inherent in a book’s form has often been revealed by artists who change and modify books. Nicholas Jones’s altered books are made with surgical precision, as he rips, tears, cuts and folds them into new shapes. His work attempts to highlight the beauty of the book through a process of changing it.

Instead of considering the book as a vehicle for narrative or ideas, we are instead confronted by the abstract quality of the book’s shape. Its original text is almost irrelevant to the final sculptural form, except as a fragmented pattern that peers out from beneath the finished folds or cuts. Jones’s father is a surgeon, and it is the very implements of this trade- scalpel, surgeon’s needle- that he uses to alter books. The act of defacement is the process whereby Jones renews the physical form of the book, divesting it of its original intent and allowing the viewer to ‘read’ it in an entirely new way.

via Selected Writings.

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