Books On Books Collection – Gerard Brender à Brandis

A Wood Engraver’s Alphabet (2008)

A Wood Engraver’s Alphabet (2008)
Gerard Brender à Brandis
Perfect bound paperback with dark green fly leaves. H222 x W142 mm. 64 pages. Acquired from The Porcupine’s Quill, 14 August 2022.
Photos: Books On Books Collection. Displayed with permission of the publisher.

Page view and close up of Adder’s Tongue

Page view and close-up of Zinnia.

“Working on this series of engravings reminded me that the Victorians delighted in employing flowers to send messages, having an established lexicon of meanings for many common flowers. One might send foxgloves to express a suspicion of insincerity, snapdragons to underscore offence at another’s presumptiveness (and don’t the tight-lipped snapdragons in my engraving have an offended air about them?)” — Gerard Brender à Brandis

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