Books On Books Collection – Kathleen Amt

Kaleidoscopic ABC’s (1991)

Kaleidoscopic ABC’s (1991)
Kathleen Amt
Flexagon of triangles. H72 x W175 (diameter) mm. Edition of 75, of which this is #6. Acquired from Margot Klass, 9 December 2022.
Photos: Books On Books Collection and Margo Klass.

Flexagons must be among the oldest of fidget toys. To support the hope that even fidgety attention will absorb the alphabet, this flexagon created by Kathleen Amt presents an alliterative alphabet over triangular panels and adds a final prod to keep fidgeting.

Photo: Books On Books Collection.

Amt has solidified a reputation for creativity in two separate fields of material: clay polymers and paper. Richard Minsky included an outstanding example of her earlier sculptural bookwork in an exhibition in 1990. Collage work with found ephemera became the focus of her art around the turn of the century. Archivally interesting is her posting of her personal library data at Library Thing. For future students and aficionados, would that all book artists did the same!

Further Reading

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