Bookmarking Book Art — Kylie Stillman

Banksia Serrata (2012)
Copyright © Kylie Stillman 2012 

When working with books, each sheet of paper is painstakingly carved by hand with a scalpel to create forms that emerge in absence.

Artist statement. Accessed 14 March 2013.

Utopia Art Sydney represents Stillman and holds a large number of her works. Her site reproduces a 2014 interview conducted by Owen Craven for “Artist Profile Magazine” in which Stillman responds to Craven’s question about the influence of conceptual art:  

While I do appreciate that conceptual attribution, it is important for me to do something and not let the object be the work on its own. There is an inherent poetry in many objects but in my case it’s important I do something more. It is important that I create something accessible and that the viewer isn’t left scratching their heads and asking ‘am I missing something’.  

And yet most of her work depends on what is missing.