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Caratteri Mobili
Un Sedicesimo (No. 3b, March-April 2008)

Caratteri Mobili
Un Sedicesimo (No. 3b, March-April 2008)
Francesco Dondina
Artist’s booklet, saddle-stitched. H235 x W165 mm. 16 pages. Acquired from Printed Matter, Inc., 23 September 2022.
Photos: Books On Books Collection. Displayed with artist’s permission.

Un Sedicesimo, meaning “one sixteenth” in Italian, is a bimonthly magazine issued by Edition Corraini featuring a different artist’s work in each issue. Instead of being a magazine about design or art, Un Sedicesimo is a “gallery on paper” with each issue being a work of design or art in 16 pages. This issue is a colorful alphabet book with letters designed to take on the function of furniture. As the artist points out on his website, the title plays with “the ambiguity of the Italian word mobile“, which can mean “movable” or “furniture”. So movable type inspires furniture or vice versa.

At last we have the furniture with which to furnish Johann David Steingruber‘s German palaces and Lanore Cady‘s US Victorian houses.

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