Books On Books Collection – Lanore Cady

Houses & Letters (1977)

Houses & Letters: A Heritage in Architecture & Calligraphy (1977)
Lanore Cady
Casebound, one-eighth leather, cloth over boards, title gilt-stamped on front cover, doublures, sewn book block, endbands. H276 x W382 mm. 34 unnumbered leaves, printed on one side only. Acquired from Books of the Ages, 26 August 2022.
Photos: Books On Books Collection. Displayed with permission of the artist’s archive, Humboldt Arts Council, Morris Graves Museum of Art.

Architecture-inspired artists’ books and artists’ books inspired by alphabets make up two separate strands of the Books On Books Collection. Along with Sacred Space by Jeffrey Morin and Steven Ferlauto, Lanore Cady’s Houses & Letters is one of the rare works that weave them together, joining the beauty of form in architecture with the beauty of letterforms. With her calligraphy, verse and watercolors of Victorian structures of Humboldt County, California, Cady presents her audience with a history of the alphabet from the proto-Sinaitic to the Roman/Carolingian that ultimately argues for the historical preservation of the buildings depicted.

The house depicted with letter A is the “Graham House”. In notes at the end of the book, Cady provides this brief note about it:

Frank Graham came to Humboldt from the southeastern provinces of Canada and the Maine woods to become a giant in lumbering and other local industries. He was married to Martha Montgomery, direct descendant of the Lees of Virginia. Built at the end of Ninth Street in Arcata, California, in 1885, their house is one of the few landmarks that has remained unaltered since its construction. It boasts five different shingle shapes, hand-carved arches, embellished redwood burl and curly redwood.

The structure accompanying the letter Z is “Robert’s Barn”:

This “Humboldt-type barn,” over 100 years old, is typical of the barns on fine ranches in this dairying-ranching country. It is on the Mel-May Ranch (so named for Melvin and May Roberts), Bayside Road, Arcata. Years ago it was “moved back” 125 feet away from the road.

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