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Mill (2006)

Mill (2006)
Wood and leather binding, using discarded library shelves, canvas and upholstery nails. Plaster cast and canvas pages with individual pamphlet book text inserts printed on Canson paper. Casts made using water extracted in dehumidifying the building.
H143 x W114 mm closed, H143 x W310 mm open.
Edition of 24, of which this is #2.

The work is a tactile exploration of the interior and exterior space of a corn mill in Cromford, built c.1780 to grind grain for workers at Arkwright’s cotton mill.A journey around Cromford Mill, Derbyshire.

Mill is an investigation of the marks of passage, which have become part of the fabric of the space and reveal time, energy, endeavour and change:

(i) recording the interaction of the human body with the building

(ii) recording the impact of natural forces upon the built environment

(iii) locating the marks that reveal a momentary connection or repetitious action

(iv) examining clues and ephemera.

Silicone moulds were taken from marks of usage around the mill, including the spotwhere a door handle impressed upon a wall and the shape of a break in a pane of glass. Plaster casts were then produced, using water from a dehumidifier within the building to make the plaster. A text piece, contained within canvas pocket pages, creates a unique map of the mill and takes a journey through the building – both to experience the environment and locate the plaster casts.” Correspondence from the artists, 5 December 2018.

What …? (2018)

What …? (2018)
Hardback, boxed-bound, black book cloth, concertina book with magnetised and elasticated fastening. Drawings and collages printed on black and orange Canson card. Letterpress. Hinges engineered in Canson card to create a spring in the turning of the pages.
H213 x W80 mm closed, H213 x W830 mm open
Edition of 5, of which this is #2. Acquired from the artists, 25 November 2018.

The two photos of the same two panels are taken at different angles to highlight the images on the recto panel.

What? is a book about finding solutions, both in its construction and content. Made over a period of several years, from the first drawing to the final binding, it prefers to raise questions, rather than provide answers. Hence the title. The relationship between What? and viewer therefore depends upon response, perception and making connections. Clues could include: • William Blake • harbingers • manipulation • dislocation • loss • finding a way out • George Orwell”. Correspondence with artists, 5 December 2018.

Momenti Mori (2003)

Momenti Mori (2003) Salt + Shaw H159 x W 115 mm

Hardback binding, green book cloth.

Images and text book. Printed on Canson paper, with an explanatory bookmark, Japanese paper and vintage end papers.

A day’s journey East to West across Hadrian’s Wall.

Memento Mori references both Latin phrases and words still in use today and the presence of Roman construction still used to communicate and connect.

We travelled the 73 miles coast-to-coast by car, stopping off at the sites of 14 forts; some with visible remains, some without.

Signs for a waymarked walk suggested that we follow in the footsteps of the Romans next time.

Further Reading

Paul Salt and Susan Shaw are two artists in Sheffield, England who collaborate under the name Salt+Shaw. Their objects are held by  the British Library, the Tate Library and other prestigious collections as well as several private ones. Sarah Bodman (University of Western England) has highlighted their work in a-n News with some outstanding photos:

“At the recent 21st International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair in Leeds, they launched Ocean Bestiary, a unique book of strange and miraculous Medieval-inspired sea creatures that features a concertina construction, letterpress text, acrylic paint, gold foil, whale bone and a leather inlay.” Sarah Bodman, “Artists’ Books #28: Salt+Shaw, collaborative book makers“, a-n News, 6 March 2018.

Three among others of note — WhorlMeniscus and 9 Things to Do on Holiday — can be located by the links and seen at the Salt+Shaw site