Bookmark for Marginalia and Note-taking

Earlier this month, we saw the release of the Open Annotation Community Group's specification of the Open Annotation Core Data Model, an interoperable framework for creating annotations that can be easily shared between platforms.  The work, directed by Robert Sanderson and Paolo Ciccarese, began in earnest about six months ago, although it was proceeded by... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art – Books on Book Art | 4 August 2013

Abt, Jeffrey. The Book Made Art: A Selection of Contemporary artists' Books Exhibited in Joseph Regenstein Library - University of Chicago, February Through April 1986,  Exhibition catalog. Antaya, Christine and Sloman, Paul. Book Art: Iconic Sculptures and Installations Made from Books.  Gestalten (May 26, 2011). Documents current art, installation, and design created with and from books. "The fascinating range of examples in Book... Continue Reading →

Moving the bookmark on apps vs epub vs pdf

      Last year, BOB bookmarked the following blog entries: JMax (  "Books in Browsers is a “future-of-publishing” conference. It is arguably the future-of-publishing conference right now. As the name suggests, it is loosely arranged around the idea that the future of the book is wrapped up in the future of the (Web) browser." Jason Pontin... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art – Basia Irland

Basia Irland's art project ICE BOOKS: receding/reseeding gives a formidably tangible and new meaning to "publishing as dissemination."  As Irland describes the project on her site: River water is frozen, carved into the form of a book, embedded with an 'ecological language' or 'riparian'  consisting of local native seeds, and placed back into the stream. The... Continue Reading →

Bookmarking Book Art – Guy Laramée

The form of the book, the book as technological artifact, each of the book arts (design and layout, typography, illustration, papermaking, imposition, printing, binding, preservation and restoration) and even the book as an objet d'art attract memes --  ideas, gestures, behaviors, methods, devices and practices that have spread from clay to scroll, from scroll to book, from book to ebook and perhaps from... Continue Reading →

Bookmark for the “Used e-book, slightly foxed”

In "Used e-book, slightly foxed," Nicholas Carr ponders Amazon's widely reported patent on a method allowing the resale or giving of ebooks and other digital objects. Matthew Kirschenbaum might dispute Carr's view that there is no difference between the new and used ebook however.  In his book Mechanisms: New Media and the Forensic Imagination, he explores... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks in the Snow

Blizzard Brings Contemporary Art By massofglass9  |  Posted 4 hours ago, 09 February 2013  |  Cambridge and Boston, Massachusetts CNN iReport Accessed 09 February 2013 Not cold enough for you?  Skate over to the artist's web site for her stack of Ice Books. Sarah Cohen writes, "My books are usually made from ice and melt, referring to the... Continue Reading →

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