Bookmarking Book Art — Long-Bin Chen

Buddha, Long-Bin Chen

This video accompanies the exhibition entitled Rebound: Dissections and Excavations in Book Art.  Curated by Karen Ann Myers, Assistant Director of the Halsey Institute, Rebound brings together the work of Doug Beube, Long-Bin Chen, Brian Dettmer, Guy Laramée, and Francesca Pastine.   Of the five, Chen and Laramée’s pieces have the greatest superficial resemblance to one another, and while it seems that their difference in import could not be greater, perhaps they come to same point.  The apparently stone heads of the Buddha come from the East “to care for” the millions of individuals in the West whose names and addresses appear in the telephone books from which the heads are sculpted.   Laramée’s mountains are “erosions of disused knowledge,” returning “to that which does not need to say anything, that which simply IS.”

These are not ekphrastic works.  Their “raw material” is not the narrative inspiration of a carved scene.  They are nearer to conceptual art.  They are fascinating.  via Rebound: Dissections and in Book Art — Spoleto Festival USA — College of Charleston – YouTube.

Bookmarking Book Art – Update to “Rebound: Dissections and Excavations in Book Art”

Brian Dettmer's TED talk
Brian Dettmer’s TED talk

Watch Brian Dettmer’s delightful TED talk here. More about his work and his contemporaries follows:

Three book artists previously featured here at BooksOnBooks — Doug Beube, Brian Dettmer and Guy Laramée — were showcased in this exhibition curated by Karen Ann Myers at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art at the College of Charleston, South Carolina.  Two other artists — Long-Bin Chen and Francesca Pastine — complete the show.  The exhibition ran from 23 May through 6 July 2013. 

Increasingly, contemporary artists have been exploring the interplay among the function, structure, and format of books. Rebound: Dissections and Excavations in Book Art brings together the work of five mixed-media artists from around the world who, using books as a point of departure, sculpt, scrape, bend, and carve to create astonishing compositions. Doug Beube, Long-Bin Chen, Brian Dettmer, Guy Laramée, and Francesca Pastine transform various types of literature and/or printed books through sculptural intervention. Despite the individual and exclusive perspective of each artist, there are remarkable connections in the themes and ideas they respectively mourn and celebrate. The fascinating range of examples, as diverse as books themselves, offers eloquent proof that—despite or because of the advance of digital media for sources of information—the book’s legacy as a carrier of ideas and communication is being expanded today.

via Rebound – The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.